Friday, November 15, 2019

The struggle of a single mom with an absent dad. Part 1 : Hurricane Wilma

There is a big difference between being a single mom with a present dad in your child's life, a  part time dad or no dad. For me it was the latter. I was 30 years old with 4 small kids and an income of about $4480 a month. I had a decent job, a nice big car that gulped $80 a week all the way back in 2005 😅. My mortgage payment was $1427.00 a month, my light bill was $318 a month, my water bill was around $108 every three months, my sprint bill was $300 plus a month for 2 lines, my cable bill was $52 a month because I had an employee discount lol and my grocery bill was around $320 a week with all the coupons I cut from the Sunday paper. After all of my expenses I had about $900 left over a month sometimes more depending on how many weeks the month had. $900 dollars wasn't shit for a single parent with 4 small boys. I had to stretch out those $900 as much as I could. I needed to save $200 a month for our yearly trip to Disney world because we all like to go on vacation. $100 a month for the Kmart Christmas Layaway. $200 a month for Old Navy or Walmart clothes because children grow so fast and sometimes the hand me downs don't fit, $60 a week for my drinking habit, yes I drank. I had 4 small kids, a bird, 4 cats and dog named Clifford the big red dog that was black. The rest was spent on taking my kids to the movies, parks, and different things. You might ask yourself how $160 allowed me to do those things. You are absolutely right it didn't. How did I do it? I was the neighborhood candy lady. I sold chips, candy, hot dogs, french fries, sodas, ice cream. There were no Ice cream trucks in my area at the time so I took advantage of that, and I made good use of my Costco card. It wasn't easy but I did it. I managed to keep it all together. I never once thought about my children's father, which was still my husband at the time. Never gave it one thought that he never once sent a single penny to buy his children clothes, food, secure a roof over their head nothing. That dude was wearing $300 jeans and his kids were wearing clothes from Walmart. With all that though I never once spoke bad about him to my kids, honestly we just never spoke of him. Once in a while they would ask, and I would say it's us five against the world. No one else matters.

Everything was good until that bitch Wilma came along 😢 So my house was built in 1952 so it was an older house, but I had done a lot of remodeling and I kept it nice, clean and well maintained. In September 2005 I renewed my insurance with Citizens. In October, hurricane Wilma came and took half of my roof. My avocado tree fell over and crushed my neighbors fence, and my laundry room had a piece of it gone. I had leaks in almost every room in my house. I called the insurance, and I filed a claim. November comes around, I still have major leaks all over the house. I had to stack up my furniture and move my kids into the one bedroom that didn't have a leak so that they could at least be comfortable. I decide to take my savings and fix the laundry room and my bathroom, fuck Disney world at this point. I needed to get things done, and I figured I would get my money back from the insurance. At this point I am dead broke living pay check to pay check and I get a letter from the insurance saying your claim is denied. They said that because my house was so old they decided they will not cover the cost and they sent me a check for $1325.00 which is what I had just paid to renew my insurance in September. I called 6 different roofing companies and the cheapest one was $16,000 to repair my roof. My world just came crumbling down. What the fuck was I going to do? I was alone with these 4 kids, and I didn't know what the fuck I was going to do. My neighbor told me to call FEMA and she gave me the number. I called them, and they sent a lady out on a Tuesday night around 6 pm. Friday came around and it was payday, but I was broke. All of my automatic payments were kicking in on that day so I just knew I was broke. I get my kids and myself ready and we get in the car and it's on E. Negative E, like smelling the gas, I think about now, and I laugh, but at that time I really wanted to cry, but I couldn't because I didn't want to worry my kids. I dropped them off at school and I stopped at the gas station and said to myself I guess I may as well overdraw my account. I went to the ATM and I took out $100 which Wachovia would let you do if your account was always in good standing, and to my surprise my balance was $8,000 plus dollars. I was like WTF, I put gas in my car, stopped to get some breakfast and as soon as I got to work I checked my account. Three days after that lady visited my house FEMA deposited the maximum amount of funds into my account. Just when I thought God had given up on me, this happened. I was still frustrated because I couldn't fix my roof, but at least I wasn't broke. You may ask yourself where my baby daddy was all this time? Who knows, he wasn't helping us out that's for sure. I ended up practically giving my house away because I couldn't afford to fix it, and I couldn't keep my kids in a house that was falling apart. I got $15,000 for a house that was worth $204,000 and I owed $154,000. So of course I was mad a God again, I knew I didn't deserve that. I put so much time, money and effort into that house and I got nothing in return. I moved to my uncles one bedroom apartment on South Beach, and I started over from scratch.

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